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What is the Art Challenge?

The Art Challenge is a creative team building activity in which an entire team works towards one extraordinary and mind-blowing outcome.

How does is work?

The entire group is divided up into teams.

Each team has to first draw and then paint 2 x sections of a giant masterpiece painting without ever knowing what the final painting will be. Through a combination of careful co-ordination, information sharing, leadership and teamwork the finished art pieces come together to create one truly inspiring and impressive masterpiece.

What are the logistics?

The art challenge lasts 2-3 hours (although we have completed them in 1.5 hours)

Set-up time before commencement is min 1 hour (2 hours prior where possible). Clear-down afterwards is 1 hour.

Sufficient space is required for people to be able to move around freely whatever the group size during the event.


How many people can participate?

This activity is suitable for groups of any size 20 + persons with no upper limit (we have delivered for over 500 participants)


Where, when and why?

The art challenge works extremely well at conferences, off-sites, product launches and / or as a stand-alone team building activity. It also works perfectly INDOORS or OUTSIDE


What's included?

Poisson Rouge facilitation and event team, all equipment (canvasses, paints, pencils, overalls, frame, bespoke images as required).

Set up, venue liaison, clear up

This is possibly the ultimate team build ... so get in touch now

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