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What is the CATWALK Challenge?

The Catwalk Challenge is a creative team building activity in which your team must design, make and model a world beating new fashion collection - to match the company identity and / or conference themes.

How does is work?

Each team has access to a treasure chest of material swatches, feathers, beads, jewellery, lace, plastic,  latex, foil, and a host of other materials as well as hair (wigs, curlers etc) and make up items. 

Working to tight deadlines the team must design and make their collection. They must however also design the backdrop - selecting images from the web, choose the walk on music, choreograph the display and select at least 2 models to parade on the catwalk. Finally one person must introduce their team's collection explaining how and why it will be next season's big thing.

What are the logistics?

The Catwalk challenge lasts 2-3 hours

Set-up time before commencement is min 1 hour . Clear-down afterwards is 30-45 mins.

We can provide professional catwalk staging or create a catwalk though exiting ground-based seating. Equally we can use existing staging if already in place for a conference or meeting.

Sufficient space is required for people to be able to move around freely whatever the group size during the event.


How many people can participate?

This activity is suitable for groups of any size 30 + persons with no upper limit (we have delivered for over 300 participants)


Where, when and why?

The Catwalk challenge works extremely well at conferences, Meetings etc and / or as a stand-alone team building activity. It can work both INDOORS or OUTSIDE.

AV (sound and projection) is required.

What's included?

Poisson Rouge facilitation and event team, all equipment (materials, clothing, make up and all creative equipment. Set up, venue liaison, clear up also included and also prizes on request

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