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This training is designed to help teams and organisations develop competency frameworks against which to recruit and / or develop talent.

Focus Areas

  • Understanding the roles within the business

  • Adapting standard competencies to specific needs within your team or organisation

  • Getting buy-in and input from all parts of the talent population - not just HR

  • Managing expectation around performance measurement

  • Defining role specific meaning and purpose

  • Future mapping 

  • Motivation, recognition and reward

  • Articulating career road map

  • Aligning training needs to competencies

  • Monitoring, feedback and adjustments

Available Formats

  • This training is avialable in four formats:

  • Virtual via webinar (duration 2-3 hours)

  • Face to face (Half day / full day)

  • Blended combination of both virtual and face to face

  • "Workout" - This is a shorter 'toe dip' session in which we cover a few broad principals - duration 1 hour

Who Should Participate? 

For managers and leaders who want to create role clarity and structure where it doesn't exist or where it needs updating.

Participants Will 

This training will leave participants with a clear understanding of what is expected and required of them, in specific functions and positions in terms of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

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