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(Virtual Teambuilding)

Working in teams – you must break out of this virtual escape room - winning as many points as you can along the way.

Focus Areas

The escape room starts with your group being divided into teams (5 -6 persons per team is usually optimal). 


Following an ‘all souls’ briefing teams are sent off into virtual breakout rooms and begin to solve clues, unpick evidence, decipher cryptic messages and use image recognition and augmented reality tech to get the codes they need.


The escape is a sequence that involves unlocking a drawer to codes to release a padlock to reveal an image etc etc


  • Augmented reality

  • Scans

  • Problem solving

  • Cryptic clues all play their part

Available Formats

This is virtual teambuilding so is delivered on Zoom or any other platform such as Teams, Google Hangout etc (although Zoom is the platform of choice). The game is driven through a unique gaming app which is downloadable free to your phone or tablet.


The game is facilitated live by of our specialist virtual team building facilitators who will host the session and guide the teams.

Who Should Participate? 

This activity can be delivered at any time.
It last 90 minutes including 1-hour game play and 30 mins briefing and wrap up with scores
It is ideal for all teams.

Participants Will 

Not everyone escapes! In fact often only a few escape. But the journey and the competition gets everyone buzzing. No matter if your teams wins or not - they will be energised and will have had a unique, superb virtual team experience. The tech and the game-craft make this game top drawer!

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