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Ethics training at Poisson Rouge will help you to understand how to protect your reputation, ensure the security and happiness of your employees and create customer loyalty.

Focus Areas

  • Ethics and compliance

  • Your company and team culture

  • Diversity in all its forms

  • Customer relations

  • Attitude

  • Integrity, trust and conflict

  • Mentoring and buddy systems

  • Ethical dilemmas

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Ethics and politics

Available Formats

This training is avialable in four formats:

  • Virtual via webinar (duration 2-3 hours)

  • Face to face (Half day / full day)

  • Blended combination of both virtual and face to face

  • "Workout" - This is a shorter 'toe dip' session in which we cover a few broad principals - duration 1 hour

Who Should Participate? 

This training is for anyone who cares about ethics, integrity and doing what's right.

Participants Will 

This Ethics training is vital. It will clarify boundaries for acceptable behaviours and practices. It will inform where key behaviours are required through external compliance. It will create a culture that unifies and motivates your teams. It will reinforce your brand to your customers and suppliers.

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