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What is the Film Challenge

The film challenge is fantastic and incredibly fun team activity in which you and your team must script, develop, shoot, edit and perform in your own film.

How Does It Work

Working to a pre-agreed theme - each team must first create the story line. It may a recruitment advert for your company, a short information film, a blockbuster, a Western - you decide (or maybe we will)

Once the story has been worked through you can select your costumes - work out who is to star in the film and who will be on the 'production' team.... ie filming, editing, directing, hair, make-up, choreography etc

Once all the films are complete - each one will be screened to much applaus and laughter with oscars being awarded for best film, least convincing character, cheesiest line and more.


Each team will do all of the above creating one scene of a longer film which when edited together will create the final screening.

Key Focus Areas

Teamwork​ / Energy / Fun / Creativity / Engagement / Laughter / Company Knowledge


2 hours to a whole day. Also works well as an energiser for a large meeting or conference

How Many People Can Take Part

No real limits but sensibly 10 - 100 

When & Where Does The Film Challenge Work

Inevitably this will work anywhere - in the street, at a venue, in a hotel, on location, inside, outside. We are sensitive to remind teams not to film members of the public or places of security or restricted access.

What's included

Poisson Rouge Film Team, all equipment (ipads* or cameras with tripods), wardrobe, editing suite on laptops as required

* can also be shot / delivered entirely using own mobiles and free to download software

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