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Ultimatum - Game Show Quiz

What is the Ultimatum Game Show Quiz?

The Ultimatum Game Show Quiz is a high energy, interactive team building activity based on a TV show format.

How does is work?

The group is divided up into teams (often determined by the tables they are sitting at if a dinner quiz).

Each team then takes part in 6 rounds of TV show style fun with game formats from shows like Catchphrase, Family Fortunes, Generation Game and other tasks from well known parlour games.

What are the logistics?

The Ultimatum Game Show Quiz lasts approx 90 minutes 

Set-up time before commencement is short - (20 mins) . Clear-down afterwards is equally short

Sufficient space is required for people to be able to move around their tables and basic AV will be required for the compere


How many people can participate?

This activity can be adapted to suit most groups sizes 20 + persons 


Where, when and why?

The Ultimatum Game Show Quiz works extremely well as a conference / meeting dinner activity but can equally well be adapted to be delivered as a stand alone team building activity or as a finale activity with drinks before dinner.


What's included?

Poisson Rouge professional TV show host / emcee plus all the game show equipment, games and as required prizes.

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