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What is the Ice Cream Challenge

This is a team building activity that tastes good! 

How Does It Work

Teams are briefed that their company has developed into a new market .... Ice Cream.

Teams will be given all the creative and production equipment required to design, manufacture, package and promote a real Ice Cream.

Teams must choose the flavours and ingredients ( ...... and yes we have had broccoli and baked bean ice cream before) and then create packaging, marketing collateral and TV advert to promote their products.

At the close, teams will display their products at a corporate Food Fair at which judges and other teams can try their products - look at the packaging and marketing materials and watch the TV adverts (performed either live or film)

Key Focus Areas

Creativity / Communication / Teamwork / Fun / Engagement / Resource Management / Time Management / Customer Focus / Marketing / Presentation Skills / Leadership


The Ice Cream Challenge is a team building activity that lasts 2 - 3 hours

How Many People Can Take Part

Ideal for groups sizes 10 - 150+

When and Where Does it work

The Ice Cream Challenge can be delivered in any meeting room, hotel or conference facility. We have also delivered it successfully outside - many times.

What's Included

Poisson Rouge event team and facilitators, all Ice cream, equipment, ingredients, creative materials, venue Liaison, set up and clear up

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