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What is the Magic Challenge

If you want to get someone's attention, influence them, make them laugh and keep them engaged .... show them a magic trick. The Magic Challenge is a unique team building activity in which we break all the rules of the magic circle and both perform illusion, mind reading and magic and then we show you exactly how it's done.

How Does It Work

We start with a short mesmerizing performance of magic from one of the UK leading TV magicians. Then, having seen how the pro's do it - it's your turn! We hand out magic tricks and teach each team  how to perform them. (It's a bit like Hogwarts).

Once all the magic is learned - we invite willing witches and wizards to step up from each team to perform live to the rest of the group. Winners take home the big prizes but everyone takes home their magic tricks.

We finish with another spell binding finale performance by the Maestro.

Key Focus Areas

Teamwork​ / Listening / Energy / Fun / Laughter / Presentation / Influencing


The Magic Challenge is a flexible team building activity that can last from 2-3 hours or it can be interwoven throughout a whole conference day. (Our Magician is one of the greatest MC's on the planet!)

How Many People Can Take Part

10 - 150+

When & Where Does the Magic Challenge Work

The Magic Challenge is ideally suited to accompany conferences, meeting, or dinners or as a stand alone team building activity. It is best indoors. 

What's included

Poisson rouge magician - facilitator, magic tricks and event equipment, venue Liaison, set up & clear up

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