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What is the Mosaic Challenge?

The Mosaic Challenge is a creative team building activity in which teams design and produce mosaic pictures on bespoke themes relevant to their team, department, products, company or freeform.

How does is work?

The entire group is divided up into teams.

Each team has to agree their image and then draw it onto a mosaic board. teams must then select tessera from tile sheets provided and / or create their own from larger wall tiles using tile clippers. Finally teams must stick their tessera in place and then cement them in using mosaic plaster.

What are the logistics?

The mosaic challenge lasts 2-3 hours.

Set-up time before commencement is normally 45 minutes - 1 hour . Clear-down afterwards is 30-45 minutes.


Sufficient space is required for people to be able to move around freely.

1 table per team is required and 3-4 tables are required  for the equipment.


How many people can participate?

This activity is suitable for groups of any size 12 + persons with no upper limit (we have delivered for over 100 participants)


Where, when and why?

The Mosaic Challenge works well at conferences, off-sites, meetings or as a stand-alone team building activity.

It also works perfectly well both INDOORS or OUTSIDE


What's included?

Poisson Rouge facilitation and event team, all equipment (mosaic boards, tessera tiles, cutters, safety glasses, cement, venue liaison).

This is superb team activity that creates lasting legacy through the beautiful mosaics it generates which can adorn the office walls for years afterwards.

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