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What's Your Team's Brand?

Can you articulate exactly what the Brand of your team is?

The definition of a brand is an intangible concept and it's not a logo! It's the concept that helps people recognise and identify a product, service (or in this case your team) and, at best, reach out to you as the preferred go-to supplier, support mechanism, centre of excellence and provider of service.

So ask yourself the following ......Do you as a team know, agree and discuss what you stand for, what you represent, why you exist, how you choose to do what you do, what your team brand proposition is, what your team value proposition is, what the team's unique selling Points (USPs) are, how you want to be thought of, interacted with, communicated to and talked about?

For many the answer is simply NO or at best ....not a lot!

Why create a team Brand?

Simply put - having a team brand that everyone understands, buys into, supports, and that defines you has myriad benefits including:

  • Establishes clear team goals

  • Creates a sense of team belonging

  • Attracts new talent and retains existing talent

  • Defines team style

  • Builds credibility

  • Establishes your ‘Voice’ and ‘Handwriting

  • Helps to outline and agree desired behaviours

  • Creates relationships

  • Builds trust internally and externally

  • Creates and agree values and purpose

  • Aligns team with company brand values

So if you don't, haven't - would like to or have but need to revisit - a planned and well thought through session on team brand can pay huge dividends.

At Poisson Rouge - as part of the broad team development suite of training we offer we recently re-launched "Brand New" - a one day toe dip into all things team brand .... and we started with ourselves!

If you want to know more about "Brand New" - reach out to us and we'll send you a PIG!

(product information guide) ... OINK OINK

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