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Red Box Dinner Quiz

What is the Red Box Dinner Quiz?

The Red Box Dinner Quiz is a fast paced, fun and challenging team quiz specifically designed to accompany a meal (lunch or dinner).

How does is work?

The concept is simple - when guests sit down for their meal they will find a large RED box either in the centre of their table or underneath it. Inside the box will be waiting a whole host of challenges, tasks, riddles and puzzles.

The Red Box concept was designed to provide a team activity that encourages table mates (team members) to get to know each other, chat and have some fun whilst not over dominating a meal, leaving time for socialising, eating, drinking etc.


Simply put - teams complete as many of the tasks and challenges as they can or as they want before desert is served at which point we simply collect all the boxes with their answers and declare the winners. 

What are the logistics?

The Red Box Dinner Quiz is very low impact in terms of set up and clear up. We simply arrive, place the boxes at table and collect afterwards. There is no set up, clear up.

A few rounds are facilitated so we usually request / recommend basic AV provision (sound).


How many people can participate?

This activity can be adapted to suit most groups sizes 20 + persons 


Where, when and why?

The Red Box Dinner Quiz was initially designed to accompany a meal (lunch or dinner) - although some of our clients have asked us to provide the quiz boxes at Conference tables to serve as a short team building activity during the conference before breaking for the day .


What's included?

Poisson Rouge facilitator / host, team, red boxes with all challenges and equipment, prizes.

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