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This training and development cohort is a lively and interactive session around how to be more resilient - how to understand what being resilient looks like and how to prepare your team members to be more resilient.

Focus Areas

  • What does resilience look like?

  • Why does being resilient matter?

  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Resilience role models

  • Coping strategies

  • Building confidence

  • Creating a culture of resilience

  • Managing stress

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Conflict triggers

  • Problem solving

  • Understanding your meaning & purpose at work

  • Resilience and physicality

  • Life style

  • Mindfulness

  • Action Planning

Available Formats

This training is avialable in four formats:

  • Virtual via webinar (duration 2-3 hours)

  • Face to face (Half day / full day)

  • Blended combination of both virtual and face to face

  • "Workout" - This is a shorter 'toe dip' session in which we cover a few broad principals - duration 1 hour

Who Should Participate? 

A powerful process for team members, managers and leaders who want to look after the mental welfare of their colleagues and themselves with a view to optimising performance.

Participants Will 

This training will equip participants to understand what it takes to be more resilient. To avoid being overwhelmed or anxious, to be flexible, to learn to improvise, to avoid illness and stress, to be more accepting of the fact we live in an imperfect world and to adapt to that to become the best versions of themselves.

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