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What is the Rhythm Challenge

The Rhythm Challenge is a unique, high energy team building activity which is superb for connecting, engaging, delighting, inspiring and motivating people and teams.

How Does It Work

Our teams of professional drummers and musical facilitators will first set the 'groove' by leading the teams in chants, in field songs, in rhythm exercises.


Once the team realises that they haven't had their 'rhythm glands' removed at birth - we hand out percussion instruments, African drums, shakers, boom-whackers and we set the place alight with incredible, loud, uplifting and extraordinary layered rhythms.

No musical talent or experience is required and the power of what we create will quite simply blow your mind.

Key Focus Areas

Teamwork​ / Listening / Energy / Fun / Self-Limiting Belief / Engagement / Motivation


This is a flexible team building activity that can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Also works well as an energiser for a large meeting or conference

How Many People Can Take Part

10 - 1000+

When & Where Does Team Dynamics Work

IWhilst accoustics play a huge part this activity works equally well indoors or outside

What's included

Poisson Rouge musical facilitation team, all instruments asn equipment as required, venue liaison as required, set up and clear up .

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