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(Virtual Teambuilding)

You are stranded in the Arctic and have made it to an old explorer's hut.
To survive you must get the generator working so you can radio in for a 'heli-Vac' rescue.

You have just 1 hour before the storm and night closes in and if that happens - it's game over!

Everything you need to get the generator working is in the hut.

You must escape and save your team

Focus Areas

Following a tense briefing to all explorers (5-8 persons per team) it’s a race against time. 

Teams must solve clues scattered throughout the hut. 

  • Augmented reality

  • Code decyphers

  • Logic puzzles

  • Geographical quiz

  • Smart tasks .... all play their part. 

Leadership, teamwork, Time Management and Critical Thinking are all essential

Available Formats

This is a virtual team building event and is delivered over Zoom or similar virtual meeting platform such as Teams, Blue Jeans etc.

It is played using using our free to download gaming app - which is downloaded to your phone or tablet.

It lasts approx 75 minutes

Who Should Participate? 

This activity can be delivered at any time. It last 75 minutes and is ideal for any teams of any size

Participants Will

If you get out and get rescued you will feel euphoric. If you dont you will feel that it has been a brilliant and exciting adventure

This is a thought provoking, fast paced race against the clock to beat the elements and beat the other teams.

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