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A creative team building activity in which an entire team to work towards one extraordinary and mind blowing outcome. Each team has to first draw and then paint 2 sections of a giant masterpiece painting. Without ever knowing what the final painting will be - through careful co-ordination, information sharing, leadership and team work the finished art pieces come together to create one truly inspiring and impressive masterpiece.

Focus Areas

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

  • Effective Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Vision

  • Problem Solving

  • Resource Management

  • Fun

Available Formats

  • Indoor

  • Outside

  • Conference

  • Business Meeting

  • Stand alone Team building

Who Should Participate? 

This activity is ideal for all team members from executive to new starters. It brings teams together and re-enforces the power of teamwork. Ideal for any size group 20+ people with no upper limit

Participants Will

This is perhaps the ultimate teambuilding activity. Delegates will start competing with each other, not sharing and trying to be first and best. Very quickly they will realise that tyhe ionly formula for success is collaboration. The sense of achievement when the final artwork is revealed will truly inspire!

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