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Coaching is all about 'unlocking' a person's potential. It's about maximising their performance, helping them to remove barriers and blockages to future success. It's about growth and self awareness. It's never about teaching.

Focus Areas

  • Future possibilities

  • Aspirations

  • Challenge Vs support

  • Change

  • S.M.A.R.T Objectives

  • G.R.O.W.T.H Mindset

  • Problem solving

  • Actionable outputs

  • Behavioural preferences (psychometric assessments)

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership styles

  • Motivation & commitment

  • Coaching Vs mentoring - what's the difference

  • Establishing a coaching culture

Available Formats

  • Virtual - webinar-based coaching sessions are delivered on Zoom, Teams or similar and last 60-90 Minutes

  • In Person - face to face meetings  (Preferably offsite to the persons place of work). These tend to last for 2 hours

  • Blended - A combination of both formats

Who Should Participate? 

Coaching is often the preserve of managers and leaders due to the nature of time and resource required. It is, however, hugely valuable for any person who needs objective non-partisan feedback and help in unlocking their true potential.

Participants Will

As a result of coaching candidates will have a better sense of what leadership style and team behaviour they should adopt and will have moved toward performance solutions which work best for them and their team.

They will have identified better goals that make sense to the organisation and themselves.

Candidates will have significantly improved motivation and commitment and will be more objectively prepared to explore all possible solutions to dramatically improve their performance

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