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GLOBE TROTTERS (Virtual Teambuilding)

Explore the world whilst solving clues, completing tasks and keep earning travel credits to progress. The team that travels the furthest wins!
This is a multi-cultural - multi-destination extravaganza - see the world from your desk top and engage with your colleagues and laugh till you drop!

Focus Areas

The adventure begins with the group all meeting in the departure lounge and being divided into travel teams (5-7 persons is optimal). 

Following an ‘all souls’ briefing teams can depart. 

Teams must earn travel credits to advance around the world.

In each location or counrty - complete destination specific clues and tasks – Kung Fu moves in China – Dance moves in Argentina – singing Abba songs in Sweden (whatever it takes to advance across the interactive map.)

The tech involves augmented reality, image recognition, video and photo challenges - It's all there.

Available Formats

This is a virtual team activity and thus it is delivered on a virtual meeting platform - Zoom, Teams, Blue Jeans etc - most are suitable although Zoom is the platform of choice.

The game is driven using our free to download gaming app - downloaded to your phone or tablet.

The game is facilitated live by one of our professional, virtual team building hosts.

Who Should Participate? 

Ideal for international groups and teams - or in fact any team that maybe has alreadsy done an escape room - a quiz or any team that just wants a new team experience.

Participants Will

Teams will leave this experience thinking - WOW - virtual team building just keeps getting better!

Also - in a time when pandemic has put the kybosh on many of our travel plans - this is a nod to our need and desire to travel the world and go on holiday!

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