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ICE CREAM CHALLENGE (In-person Teambuilding)

This is a half day activity designed to be a stand alone team building activity or it works very well as part of a conference or corporate meeting day.

Teams are briefed that as part of their company's development into new markets they have recently been appointed to develop and market a new food product - in this case an Ice Cream.

Teams will have all the creative and catering equipment they need to both design, make, package and promote a real Ice Cream.

Teams must choose the flavours and ingredients ( ...... and yes we have had broccoli and baked bean ice cream before) and then create packaging, marketing collateral and TV advert to promote their products.

All teams will display their products at the corporate Food Fair at which judges and other teams can try the products - look at the packaging and marketing materials and watch the TV adverts (performed either live or on video (recorded using one of the teams mobiles)

Focus Areas

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Fun

  • engagement

  • Resource management

  • Time Management

  • Customer focus

  • Marketing

Available Formats

This can be delivered in any meeting room, hotel or conference facility. It requires 2 hours to deliver and prior to the event we would need access to the venue's kitchens as we request use of their freezers to keep the Ice cream machine bowls deep frozen until they are required for the activity. (This is rarely if ever a problem for the venue)

Who Should Participate? 

This is a fast paced, fun and entertaining team activity ideal for all team members at all levels of seniority or experience

Participants Will

Participants will have had a very engaging team experience - will have worked in a competitive team activity to create something inspitrational and along the way they get to eat some Ice Cream! 

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