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(Virtual Teambuilding)

This is a unique, interactive online magic and mind reading team event.

Learn some mind-blowing magic and mind reading illusions with Inner Magic Circle and TV magician Nigel Mead

This activity will blow your mind and unlock some of the secrets of Magic...... and you will laugh all the way through!

Focus Areas

We start with a stunning performance of spell-binding magic by a professional TV magician.

Once we have whetted your appetite we then invite all delegates to join a Magic Masterclass. Using household objects - coins, Sellotape, paper, cards - things you will easily find lying around your house - you will learn how to perform magic that will stun your friends and family.

Then it's time to find the showman inside you. 

Learn the 'spiel' ....  after all magic isn't just about what you do - it's also very much what you say.

Teams will then be invited to select one of their number to present a chosen trick back to the whole group - best performance wins

We finish up with a finale gala performance by the pro with more magic to leave you guessing!

Available Formats

This is a digital activity played on Zoom or other Virtual meeting platforms (Google Hangout, Teams, Blue Jeans etc). 

It is faciliated live by our virtual magician facilitator and will last 60-90 minutes to suit your needs.

Who Should Participate? 

Ideal for individuals and teams up to about 40 persons at any one time

Participants Will

Everyone will be laughing and buzzing.

Nigel - the magician facilitator is a very talented Inner Magic Circle magician and a very funny man.

He engages everyone and makes even the most rubbish wannabe magicians into stars

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