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(Virtual Teambuilding)

This is a virtual team Murder Mystery in which you and your team must examine evidence, witness statements and hidden clues to work out who committed the murder

Focus Areas

The group is divided into teams. Following a crime scene briefing teams must work their way round the Manor House using witness cards, an interactive floor plan and augmented reality to help catch the killer, find the murder weapon and establish a motive

  • Suspect profiles

  • Character identifications

  • Augmented reality scans of key clue images

  • Witness statements

  • Problem solving tasks

  • Video tape recorded evidence

...all play their part

Slowly by resolving all the clues a picture will emerge as to who was the culprit. 

Can you and your team work it out?

Available Formats

This activity can be delivered at any time

It last 90 minutes including 1-hour game play and 30 mins briefing / wrap up with scores.

It is a virtual event

Who Should Participate? 

This is a great activity for bonding, for team engagement, as a thank-you or just to have some fun with your colleagues.

Participants Will

Teams will have enjoyed a competitive and mind stretching event - that is fast paced and makes evryone think and smile.

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