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(Virtual Teambuilding)

The ultimate fun, team quiz activity to replace those Friday drinks or that much missed trip to the pub.
Log in, unlock the clues and away you go – making sure you have first sorted yourself a drink

Focus Areas

  • Genreral knowledge tasks

  • Break-out challenges

  • Group challenges

  • Photo clues

  • Rock paper scissors

  • House scavenger hunt

  • Dance off

  • Stand up

  • Film Night

  • Name that tune

  • X Factor

Available Formats

This is a digital activity played on Zoom or other virtual platforms using our special bespoke gaming APP downloaded onto your phone or tablet. It is facilitated live by one of specialist virtual teambuilding facilitators and will last 60-75 minutes.

Who Should Participate? 

This activity is ideal for everyone at any time

There is no limit to how many people can play at once

Participants Will

Teams will have bonded, will have had some quality social interaction, a good laugh and will have a renewed sense of being part of a team. 

As we have seen during pandemic - you dont need to be face to face in person to have fun!

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