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This focussed training session is designed to instil core principles around how to manage your own time more effectively, how to avoid distractions and how to prioritise and manage resources.

Focus Areas

  • Why time management issues arise

  • Planning & Prioritisation

  • Delegation

  • Goal Setting

  • Defection & distraction

  • Managing the unexpected

  • Managing other people's agendas

  • Deadlines

  • The art of saying 'NO'

  • Important Vs urgent

  • True cost of lost time

  • D.O.I.T.N.O.W

  • Life - work blance

Available Formats

This training is avialable in four formats:

  • Virtual via webinar (duration 2-3 hours)

  • Face to face (Half day / full day)

  • Blended combination of both virtual and face to face

  • "Workout" - This is a shorter 'toe dip' session in which we cover a few broad principles - duration 1 hour

Who Should Participate? 

This training is relevant for team members, managers, leaders - in fact for anyone who wants to be more efficient and learn how to avoid the 'trap doors' of lost time incidents.

Participants Will

Following this training participants should leave with a set of go to tools, tips and tricks which will prompt them to question their plans, check that they have been efficient in their planning and make sure they have created sensible balance in how they utilise their own time and indeed that of their colleagues.

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