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(Virtual Teambuilding)

A challenging, fun and fast paced virtual team building activity - which takes place on line and lasts 90 minutes game time.

Focus Areas

  • Observation

  • Code breaking (cyphers)

  • Problem solving

  • Camouflage & disguise

  • Knowledge of spy films and stories

  • Evidence and finger prints

  • Logic and lateral thinking

  • General Knowledge

  • Multimedia and sensory challenges

Available Formats

This is virtual teambuilding so is delivered on Zoom or other platforms of your choice, such as Teams, Google Hangout etc. The game is driven through a unique gaming app which is downloaded free to your phone or tablet.


The game is facilitated live by our Spy School host trainer who will host the session and guide the teams.

Who Should Participate? 

Any team that enjoys intelligent competition, problem solving and having fun.

Participants Will 

This activity is fun, challenging and  fast paced. Not everyone has what it takes to be a spy but together the competition gets everyone buzzing. No matter if your teams wins or not - they will be energised and will have a unique and superb virtual team experience. The tech and the gamecraft make this game unique!

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