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What is Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics is a unique and engaging collection of team interventions, games, exercises, challenges and competitions all designed to test ingenuity, creativity, agility, problem solving and communication skills.

How Does It Work

Each activity focuses on a different aspect of teamwork and  individual performance. Once we understand the nature of the group and the event we select which activities will be used. Activities range from 5 minutes - 1 hour and can be for small groups or the entire group working together.

Key Focus Areas

Teamwork​ / Networking / Competition / Fun / Problem-Solving / Creativity / Self-Limiting Belief

Personal Impact / Leadership / Motivation / Communication / Competition


This is a totally flexible team building solution that can last from 1 hour to a full day. 

How Many People Can Take Part

Ideal for groups of any size from 5 - 1000

When & Where Does Team Dynamics Work

Ideal for conferences, meetings, off-sites for us as energisers, session shakers, fire-starters or as a stand alone team building activity.

What's included

Poisson Rouge facilitation team, all equipment as required, bespoke content on request, venue liaison as required, set up and clear up .

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