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GPS and Non-Digital Treasure Hunts

We set up and run treasure hunts and scavenger hunt on foot, in taxis, in hire-cars, by public transport, on bicycles and we have run events throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

In fact we even own a specialist treasure hunt company but as you are already here with us - you don't need to go there to our sister site.

How does is work?

We offer two formats - 'Old-School' and Digital in which teams must solve riddles, take photos, shoot film, find clues and meet people all the time earning as many points as they can.

  • Format 1: Old-School Format

As the name suggests - old school is just that - maps, rucksacks and wide format polaroid cameras. Many of our clients like this option as you don't spend the day looking down at your phone or tablet.


  • Format 2: Digital

Our digital treasure hunts uses GPS tablets (which we provide) - or your own hand held devices (which is cheaper) with free to download, gaming app software to drive the game. Clues pop up as you advance around the city, area or venue location you are in and there is live scoring, instant messaging and game adjustments in real time.


Our event management team drive each event - in the digital version controlling the digital activities from their laptops. We brief the games and make sure everyone knows how it all works, we hand out equipment and we facilitate the prize giving ceremony at the finish.

At the end teams will see their photos and / or films screened and displayed perhaps over a well-earned drink or meal).

We also offer free venue finding for  places to start and finish as required.

Types of Treasure Hunts Available

  • Spy Challenge

  • Metropoly (Based on the game of Monopoloy)

  • Quest

  • Taxi Treasure Hunt

  • Bicycle Challenge

  • Bespoke

What are the logistics?

Can last from 2 hours to a whole day+

We provide the evnet team, all the tech and equipment, local knowledge and venue liaison as required.

How many people can participate?

This activity is suitable for groups of any size - 10 persons with no upper limit (we have delivered for over 500 participants)


Where, when and why?

Ideal for conference activities, stand alone team building events, social occasions, new-hire inductions and more ......

No matter where you are going - we've probably been there and have a game in waiting .....and if we don't we will simply build it just for you

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