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What is the Wine Quiz / Challenge?

The Wine Quiz Challenge is a team building activity which comes in 2 versions:

Version 1 - Dinner Wine Quiz: 
This activity is designed as a pre meal quiz / wine tasting activity.

Version 2 - The Wine Challenge: 

In this activity teams must blend, bottle, label and promote a new wine

How does is work?

Dinner Wine Quiz - We start by tasting a number of wines. We give each team a 'wine passport' with information about the origin of the wines, the tasting notes, the foods they would go well with and the vintages. However we don't tell them which is which. Following our sommelier / wine expert - teams must work out which wine is which for themselves and points mean prizes. 

We then follow this with a 'nosing' round. In this round each team has a set of numbered vials on their table. Each one corresponds to a unique tasting smell (note) ie blueberry, wood-bark, charcoal etc. and once again teams must identify these for themselves

Finally it''s wine general knowledge.

The Wine Challenge:  - Team must blend wines, bottle it, cork it, foil it, design a label and prepare a marketing presentation for their wine with a max 2 minute advert performed live or recorded to film. Judging is based on creativity, commerciality, fun, and taste!

What are the logistics?

  • Dinner Wine Quiz: lasts 45 minutes - 1 hour

  • The Wine Challenge: lasts 2 - 3 hours

Set-up time before commencement is best for both with 1 hour available.

Clear-down afterwards is 30 minutes.

How many people can participate?

This activity is suitable for groups of any size 20 -100+


Where, when and why?

  • The Dinner Wine Quiz works extremely well at meetings, dinners

  • The Wine Challenge works well as a stand-alone team building activity. 


What's included?

Poisson Rouge facilitation and event team, all wine blending and bottling equipment, wine, spittoon buckets, dry crackers for the mouth, scent library and instructions.

Set up, venue liaison, clear up and prizes

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