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At Poisson Rouge we guide and often lead client training needs analysis. Our experience allows us to identify what training is required, where, when and for which discreet groups within any given population. We will inform and recommend best fit solutions combining bespoke training elements with existing training cohorts.

Focus Areas

  • Training & development requirements

  • Target population(s)

  • Timings and agendas

  • Budgets and resources

  • External validation, accreditation and compliance requirements

  • Past experiences

  • Stakeholder management

  • Corporate culture

  • Psychometric testing

  • Emotional intelligence profiling

  • Organisational development

  • Competency frameworks

  • 360 reviews and feedback

  • Internal performance reviews

  • Cultural assessment

  • Customer satisfaction metrics and customer feedback

Available Formats

Each project is bespoke. 

Training needs analysis (TNA) is carried out via zoom, telephone and as appropriate in face-to-face interviews.

Training content is developed using existing frameworks and instruments and bespoke content provided by the client.

Who Should Participate? 

This service is designed to help any team prioritise and organise their training processes.

Participants Will

The development of content and training needs analysis phase of people development is one often given insufficient scrutiny and rigour. 

Our experience is that many organisations have spent significant funds on training that was either not well conceived or at times inapporpriate for their needs.

Through careful questioning and the application of 30 years' experience we will ensure that your development pounds are spent well. 

Our recommendations will be focussed solely on what is best for your organisation and  not whether or not we are the recipients of the training contracts. 

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