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Can you train people to be more #resilient ….. and does it matter? We think so.

There's little question that of late we have all been experiencing unprecedented and difficult times.

As individuals we have had to develop our #resilience to withstand the Covid pandemic and all the wellbeing, emotional and lifestyle challenges it has presented us.

For organisations, the road travelled has been no easier. Leaving the European Union, the onset of Covid, the geopolitical and economic instability and tragedy of the war in Ukraine, the sky rocketing cost of living - have all combined to usher in a new set of logistical, economic and human concerns that for many of us appear to be at best terrifying and at worst insurmountable.

We are all learning quickly that #resilience is not simply coping. It is rather the intentional and thought-through preparation by individuals and organisations to embrace uncertainty, loss, change and challenge. It requires the fostering of adaptability and the means by which to improvise and deal with the next hurdle.

When such measures for promoting and enhancing resilience are not present, when they are not fully integrated into the DNA of the workplace and the people in it, the cost to human wellbeing and business performance can be significant.

Organisations are fast-learning that a committed, motivated and fully engaged workforce is better able to embrace and win through when challenges present themselves.

Building a true sense of preparedness and togetherness through employee incentives, impactful learning and development activities, mentoring and work shadowing, #wellbeing initiatives and flexible working patterns all promote a sense of resilience and a positive mental outlook.

Such drives to empower people help reduce conflict, foster emotional intelligence and enhance overall performance. They also serve to promote ‘team’ and create loyalty.

Organisations that want to survive and, more importantly, prosper, are those that will be able and willing to react quickly to volatility and act at scale to innovate. In a world where we are regularly experiencing major upheaval from war to climate change, pandemics to the shattering of political paradigms, #resilience has become the keyword.

Businesses that fail to build tools and strategies to promote #resilience will struggle to survive.

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